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About Us.

Professionalism    Quality    Accountability    Communication
SBD Housing Solutions is Kansas City’s largest full service, turnkey real estate investment firm. Our team has flipped over 1,500 homes in the KC metro since our inception in 2002 and have recently expanded to multiple cities across the Midwest.

Why do it all? Purchasing and remodeling homes directly saves time and costs while ensuring our – ridiculously high – expectations are always met. Once our homes are move-in-ready our property management team takes over to turns the home into a high-quality rental.

Starting with core values of Professionalism, Quality, Accountability and Communication, the team has become America's leading provider of turnkey real estate.  


Not only are our staff, contractor and subcontractors humble, hungry and smart, they are 100% committed to our customers and partners needs. We are ensuring our company's continued success by dedicating time and resources to developing our team personally and professionally.


We have a genuine desire to deliver -over the top- high quality, sustainable homes to our tenants and investors. We always go the extra mile and take pride in our commitments.



We believe being unclear is a form of dishonesty, and have learned that excellent communication will solve most problems before they arise. We are determined to be clear and consistent communicators, both internally and externally, as transparency is what our customers deserve.